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Atom bombs and blunt razors

A firecracker in the baby carriage!

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User Number: 7325559
Date Created:2005-06-04
Number of Posts: 219

Steven. College kid at UNC. English major. Expert bullshitter. Avid slacker. Loves Shakespeare. Hates Will Ferrell. Anger problems out the ass. Bad at relationships. Too independant for his own good. A sexy nemesis.
Strengths: Taking care of myself and others, surviving, wading through shit and turning it to gold
Weaknesses: Prone to anger, overly protective, callous
Special Skills: Bullshitting, yelling, failing
Weapons: Gains a strong Southern accent when angry, fierce attitude, intense glare of hate, a picture of Jon's toe that can break even the strongest of wills
Known associates: Jon (otherwise known as The Enemy) Amy (otherwise known as The Love), Katrina (otherwise known as The Compatriot), Dale (otherwise known as The Partner), Laura (otherwise known as The Confidante), The Devil (otherwise known as The Bitch), Jesus (otherwise known as The Not-So-Great-in-Bed)

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